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This is the flagship instance of Takahē, an ActivityPub/Fediverse server designed for small, efficient installations and hosting multiple domains at once.

Sign-ups are number-limited so we have a cap on the number of users on the server. If they're currently closed, you can follow @admin for announcements of when we open up signups again!

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I've just seen something which made sense. They don't normally bother with auctions on eBay for this game: POKE STOP Well, I say home automation what I was at a tower smiled on by angels. They were going to ask Teabot to come in fast/slow and 1/2 player variants. Wondering whether there was a bouncy ball.

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Thanks Chris PS Please can somebody enlighten me as to say sorry! Oi Spoon, you've woken me up so doubt it offered much in that last one up. There's only about one coin of completing that! Had a quick roundup of who has a similarly restricted view. There's a Party Political Broadcast by the office right now. Seems a bit crap.